Tilton Police Department Roster

The non-emergency, administrative phone number for the Police Department is:  603-286-8207

Command & Administrative Staff

Chief Abraham Gilman         agilman@tiltonpd.org ext 201

Detective Elizabeth Murray         emurray@tiltonpd.org         ext 207

Atty Prosecutor Jesse Renauld-Smith jrenauld@tiltonpd.org ext 205

Administrative Assistant Lisa Auger        lauger@tiltonpd.org ext 204

Information Technology Tim Pearson   tpearson@tiltonnh.org ext 107

Patrol Division

Sergeant Andrew Salmon         asalmon@tiltonpd.org ext 208

Sergeant Mike Foster mfoster@tiltonpd.org ext 206

Patrol Officer  William Patten                 wpatten@tiltonpd.org ext 211

Patrol Officer Noelle DeLorie ndelorie@tiltonpd.org ext 214

Patrol Officer Richard Ort         rort@tiltonpd.org ext 216

Patrol Officer Parker Normand         pnormand@tiltonpd.org ext 220

Patrol Officer Jordan Smith jsmith@tiltonpd.org              ext 223

SRO/ Patrol Officer Alyssa Conley          aconley@tiltonpd.org           ext 218

Patrol Officer Jack Serbst         jserbst@tiltonpd.org ext 224

Patrol Officer Sandro Bosnjak         sbosnjak@tiltonpd.org        ext 212

PT Patrol Officer Richard Paulhus         rpaulhus@tiltonpd.org ext 224

PT Patrol Officer Steve Rowe         srowe@tiltonpd.org         ext 221

PT Patrol Officer Eric Keck Hired: 01/17/2019 EOW: 07/08/2020

Communications Division

Comm. Supervisor Nicole Kloetz            nkloetz@tiltonpd.org

Comm. Specialist Kyla Viana                    kviana@tiltonpd.org

Comm. Specialist Madison Hartford     mhartford@tiltonpd.org