Police Details

Police Details are contracted services, requested for the Police.  There are various reasons for details, including things such as event security, or traffic safety.  Details are usually worked outside of an Officers normal 40 hours work week.                           

How to contact us:

Tilton Police Department

Dispatch line:  603-286-4442

P.O. Box 292

45 Sanborn Road

Tilton, NH   03276

Detail Information:

The Town of Tilton's current detail rate, for Out Town Agencies/Entities, is $110.00 (One Hundred Ten dollars) per hour, per Officer.  This is a flat detail rate, with or without a cruiser, and a minimum of 4 hours.  It is the responsibility of the Requesting Agency/Entity to contact the Department to arrange for scheduling Officers, and for Billing and Payment information.

The Department needs as much advanced notice as possible, to schedule Officers to meet company requests.  This Department understands that some details are on a last-minute notice and the Department will do its best to fill it.


In the event a detail should need to be canceled, the notification must be made at least an hour prior to the scheduled detail, or a minimum of 4 (four) hours will be billed.  All communications for canceling details need to be made to the Tilton Police Department Dispatch, (603)286-4442.  Please advise the Dispatcher who you are, what company you represent, and which detail you are canceling, and to request that the on-duty Officer be notified.