Emergency Management Information

The Town of Tilton like any community in NH can be faced with a natural disaster, flood or other emergency, which affects a large portion of the town, such as the ice storm of 2008. Being prepared and hazard mitigation are our best defense.  I have added this section to the police web site, which has many useful links, pre-planning checklist and contact numbers. 

Another important role we all have in the community is looking out for each other. If you or someone you know needs extra checks during a storm or natural disaster, please email me their name or call in their name and address before the storm or event occurs. Once the event occurs, there is always the likelihood phone; electricity and computers will be down.  In advance, please go to our website www.tiltonpd.org and click the  "Request Emergency Checks" . This list will be printed and ready for the next event. We also offer a "Cops and Caregivers " Program" where a person get get a daily call from dispatch to be sure they are doing well. To sign up for those calls, please contact our Dispatch Center at (603) 286-8207.


The Emergency Shelter for Tilton:  Winnisquam Regional High School.

During a storm, natural disaster or other traumatic event which leaves residents needing shelter, we constantly evaluate the need to open the shelter, how much staff will be needed and how long it will stay open. We also have to plan for food, water and beds for it as well. These request get forwarded to the State EOC from the local EOC at the onset of the event.  There is no minimum number of displaced residents that we need to necessarily open it. That being said, if you or someone you know needs a shelter during the event contact the Tilton Police Department or have a friend contact us for you. You may need to send the request through Belknap County Dispatch who dispatches for us after hours and may be during a storm or other emergency.  If transportation is needed, we will facilitate that as well.

Tilton Police Department  (603) 286-8207
Belknap County Dispatch (603) 527-5454 (after hours)

Tilton is part of the CNTR Region 6 Network and the CERT Volunteer Program (603) 934-0177 ext. 136. If you or someone you know would like to become a volunteer for this program, please contact the CNTR coordinator for more details. One of there purposes of the CERT Program is to help people during a storm or natural disaster.

Tilton Police Department
Tilton Emergency Management Director