Cops and Caregivers Friends Program


Cops and Caregivers is a program designed to allow daily communication with residents who do not have regular daily contact with relatives, friends or neighbors. The program allows for Tilton residents to make daily contact with the Tilton Police Department or someone from the Friends RSVP Caregivers Program to indicate that they are okay, and further allowing for their independence and ability to stay in their homes. This program further allows family or friends the security of knowing that the individual is having regular daily contact.


    1. Cops and caregivers participants complete an application for admittance to the program. This application is an agreement by the resident involved to abide by the rules of the program. The application also gathers specific information that will be needed in an emergency situation.

    2. Cops and Caregivers participants will receive a call from a volunteer(s) from the Friends RSVP Caregivers Program or a Communication Specialist from the Tilton Police Department 286-8207, during set hours, seven days a week. If the participants are going to be away from home, in the hospital, leaving very early in the day, etc., they may simply notify the department in advance with the dates away, and call into the Tilton Police Department upon their return.

    3. After the set hours, Communication Specialist/volunteer(s) will verify that contact has been made with all the program participants. If the participant cannot be reached by the Communication Specialist and/or volunteer(s) cannot reach the participant by telephone, a police officer will be dispatched to the participant's residence. The police officer will attempt to verify the participants well-being.


    1. You live alone, or with another person, who is unable to render you any assistance in an emergency.

    2. You are not in regular contact with another person. (No contact with friends or family)

    3. You MUST reside in the Town of Tilton.

    4. You MUST answer the phone call from the Tilton Police Department (286-8207) Sunday-Saturday, between the set hours picked.

    5. You MUST notify the Tilton Police Department if you will not be calling on specific days due to being away . For example: if you will be going away with relatives for a couple of days, or you are leaving your home very early for a day trip.

If you are interested in participating in “Cops and Caregivers”, please fill out the below attached application and return it to:

Tilton Police Department

P.O. BOX 292

Tilton, NH 03276

You can also drop it off in person at the Tilton Police Department at 45 Sanborn Road, Tilton NH 03276