The Patrol Division receives and responds to all calls for emergency services, conducts timely initial investigations and appropriate follow-up, prevents crime through pro-active, directed and non-directed patrols and prepares documentation on all calls for service and police reports. To request assistance from Patrol Operations for all non –emergency matters you can call 603-286-4442 or for emergency Dial 911.

Operations Division contact: Captain Ryan Martin 603-286-8207 X 202


The Support Division provides Dispatch Communications, Detective Support, Investigations, Prosecution, Records and Fleet Management. 

Support Division contact: Lieutenant Morrison 603-286-8208 X 203


The Tilton Police Department is responsible for several schools within the Community. Winnisquam Regional High School and Winnisquam Regional Middle School have a combined student population of approximately 900 students and the staff, which work, in the schools. We also have a world renowned Private High School as well called the Tilton School, which draws students from around the world. The Tilton Police Department is dedicated to ensuring students in our community get a safe education while in Tilton. As part of that commitment we have a full-time Officer dedicated to the needs of the schools and students of Tilton. The SRO also works to help students develop a positive relationship with police and support the staff in the schools.


Realizing Police cannot solve crime without your help, each agency has Officers dedicated to the day to day interaction with community members to help solve crimes, improve quality of life issues and support community events.  These Officers specialize in community relations, special events and some are assigned to oversee the Tilton Police Cadet Post for our agency.  To have a community relations Officer contact you or to find out how they can help you with your community event please contact Captain Ryan Martin.

Captain Ryan Martin, Operations Division
603-286-8207 X 202



Support Services encompasses Major Crime and Narcotics Investigations, Administrative Services, Communications/Dispatch, Prosecution and Information Technology. 

The Administrative Services Division includes those services necessary to support the operation of the other divisions in the department and assure quality control.  Administration also handles requests for copies of police documentation (Accident, Incident and Arrest Reports).

The Tilton Police Dispatch Center fields several thousand radio and phone calls per year. It is a very important function of our agency as they are responsible for your safety and the safety of the Officers on the street through our phone and radio systems.

Our Dispatchers go through extensive training to remain calm, sometimes handling callers who are under an extreme amount of stress. At the same time they have to manage high priority radio traffic in the field. They are also responsible for assisting Detective Division and managing the extremely confidential information generated by our computer systems.

Our Records staff has to maintain thousands of records, some of which have to be maintained for life and handle the large number of request that come in daily for copies of reports.  The Administrative staff is also responsible for billing, payroll, updating personnel records and handling all the administrative office functions of the agency.

Over the last two decades, Law Enforcement like all other businesses in the world has become totally dependent on technology and computers to run efficiently. From computerized reporting, mobile data terminals, state-wide and national databases and the need for statistical data and computer related or "cyber" crimes - police now need a computer specialist to function properly. 

Tilton Police Detectives also investigate Illegal Narcotic Sales as a member of the Belknap County Drug Task Force. Our Detectives work closely with several outside agencies to bring closer to our cases, which includes our State and Federal partners to solve some of the larger drug investigations.  For more information or to make an anonymous tip, contact Detectives-Narcotics at 603-286-8207 ext. 207.

Drug Investigations Narcotics/Intelligence Division investigates all violations of the Controlled Drug Act, 318-B:2 to 318-B:30, as outlined in the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated. The Detectives working Narcotics/Intelligence Division also investigate vice functions such as prostitution and gambling.

Attorney Jesse Renauld-Smith, Esq.
The Office of the Prosecutor is responsible for case preparation, arraignments, answering motions for discovery and prosecuting the largest number of complaints of any agency in the Franklin Court System.   

LT. Nathan Morrison, Support Services Division
603-286-8207 X 203

Frequently Used Contacts
Franklin District Court                     (603) 934-3290 
Belknap County Superior Court     (603) 524-3570
Belknap County Attorney                (603) 527-5440
Belknap County Jail                        (603) 527-5480
Probation & Parole (Laconia)        (603) 528-9240
N.H. Public Defender                      (603) 224-1236