Dog days of Summer!

Now that summer is here it may seem okay to bring the family pet with you to run errands, however, leaving animals in vehicles on hot days is a bad idea.   Dogs and children will overheat very easily in a vehicle with the windows up on a hot day.   A good rule of thumb is if it is too hot for you to sit in the car with engine off and windows up for more than five minutes, then it is too hot for them!  

If the Police Department is called for a dog in distress, or a child left in a hot vehicle.  Criminal charges could be filed.

In this photograph, it may seem appropriate but only if your vehicle can be left running without the key, for instance, by remote start.  That way the vehicle isn't running in violation of the Unattended Motor Vehicle law.   You don't want your vehicle and it's cargo stolen.

So keep your pets and kids safe and happy, don't leave them in a hot car.